Planning Permission

Approximately 80% of the conversions we complete do not require local authority planning permission.

This is because most properties have what is called their Permitted Development Rights intact. Permitted Development is a category of work as prescribed by the government which can be undertaken without the need for planning permission. Garage conversions fall within this category most of the time. Some properties have had their Permitted Development Rights taken away at the time they were built and in these cases planning permission has to be applied for.

After you have signed contracts with us we make enquiries to your local authority and find out if you need planning permission at all. This enquiry is sometimes verbal and sometimes written depending on the local authority. A verbal enquiry is normally responded to within 2 days. A written enquiry can take 2-3 weeks.

If you do require planning permission, we will then do all the necessary drawings and submit your application at a cost of approx £700 + VAT depending on whether your local authority charges us an application fee. Most garage conversions do not attract an application fee but if they do it is normally between £135-£250.

Once the application has been accepted it then takes a further 6-8 weeks to go through the democratic process and for a formal decision to be made.

It is worth noting that of all the planning applications we have submitted only one failed because of an error by the local authority involved. This application was re-submitted and was passed on the second attempt.

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